eLearning is an integral part of Teaching & Learning here at Marist College North Shore. With the use of laptops and the Google Drive platform, it ensures that the education experience of each and every student is enhanced.

BYODD Laptop Program

The College runs a “Bring Your Own Designated Device” program. In designating a device, the College recommends families purchase a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Families are advised, for peace of mind, to purchase the device from the BYOD portal, the college does not supply or sell devices directly.The BYOD Parent portal offers a number of suggested and supported devices and can be accessed here. (Please select the Apple logo.) The College strongly recommends purchasing new devices through the parent portal as it offers a guarantee through the “Apple for Education” warranty.

Expectations are that devices are continually renewed every 3rd year, this means a year 7 student will be expected to purchase a new device by the time they reach year 10.


Learning & Communication Platform

The Archdiocese of Sydney Catholic Schools provides all Catholic systemic schools the use of Google Apps for Education. It is a powerful tool that allows our Marist College North Shore community to teach, share and collaborate documents and produce work through the use of the Google Cloud Share service.

Marist College North Shore utilises Teacher Dashboard by HAPARA, a sophisticated software platform that allows our teachers to deliver documents and content to students to their Google Drive in a streamlined manner within an intuitive interface.

The benefit achieved from this technology is a continued open dialogue between teacher and student through these collaborative tools.


Acceptable Use of Technology

The devices and services that the College provides to its students are necessary educational tools and must be used in a responsible manner. Please refer to our Policy section for the College’s policy on Acceptable Use of Technology and Cyberbullying.

These policies can never anticipate all possible advances and uses of technology and therefore students and parents who are unsure about their usage should seek clarification from their house coordinator as quickly as possible.