Teaching & Learning

Gifted & Talented

Marist College North Shore is the first secondary school in Australia to be given the opportunity to trial a new test from the Australian Council of Education Research, which is specifically designed to measure the innate cognitive ability of gifted students. The new testing process allows teachers to determine with greater accuracy those students who may have a natural or hidden aptitude in a subject area where the test is applied. The longitudinal nature of the testing process allows Marist College North Shore to monitor and track student progress throughout the year and into the next and should provide a means for early detection of underachievement of gifted students.

Individual student profile interviews that are conducted provide gifted students in Year 7 and 8 the opportunity to add their voice to their own education and to become more self-aware learners. It is hoped this eventually fosters greater capacity for self-reflection and evaluation and allow them to develop confident approaches to their learning

St Mary’s Mentoring

In collaboration with St. Mary’s Primary School North Sydney, Year 8 and Year 9 students mentor the primary school students across a range of curriculum areas that include English, Mathematics, Science, Drama and ICT. The mentors are able to develop a range of abilities relating to their overall academic achievement and personal responsibility through this initiative.

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