Our new College leaders for 2015 are (L-R in photo):

Tiernan Byrne (Faith & Solidarity Captain), Thomas Criniti (Kelly House Captain), Daniel Farnham (Chanel House Captain), Tobias Davidson (MacKillop House Captain), Raine Graham (Culture & Arts Captain), Luke Gallen (College Captain), Kaspars Walker (Montagne House Captain), Hamish Buchanan (College Vice-Captain), James O’Connell (Salta House Captain), Roupen Minassian (Academic Captain), Patrick Bezzi (Sports Captain) and Jack Stapelfeldt (Moore House Captain).

There has been significant preparatory work done in the forming of the new incoming student Houses this year. In moving to six Houses, the College House Coordinators recommended that the College modify the student leadership structure. Beginning next year there will be six House Captains in addition to the College Captain and College Vice-Captain. We have also appointed four additional Captains with specific portfolios. The portfolios are: Faith & Solidarity, Academic, Culture & Arts and Sports.

We wish our leaders the very best for the coming year.