The MCNS School Band set off for four days of music, learning and fun!

Thomas Djani of Year 7 outlines the amazing experience:

On Sunday the 11 October, 32 eager students from our school concert band and the resilient Mr Herbert and Mr Barry left the school gates and headed northwest towards Baradine, inland Australia, some 580 km from Sydney .

The journey by coach was long and tiresome, and luckily, we had all come prepared with supplies (mainly chips and lollies) for the long road ahead. After 8 hours of driving we arrived at our base camp in Baradine which was to be our home for the next four days.

From Sunday to Wednesday we toured to the towns of Coonamble, Coolah, Binnaway and Walgett, performing in six little country schools, including Pilliga and Gwabergar Central Schools, which each had less than 12 students. This is a massive difference compared to our 800 or so student numbers. It was such great a privilege to play to kids, who perhaps had never properly experienced music, and who haven’t had the chance to play an instrument and to see them jumping up and down, laughing and enjoying themselves brought a beautiful amount of enjoyment to the entire band.

Overall, the tour was an incredible experience, and undoubtedly the whole band has improved in our music as well as bonding with others from all different years who we wouldn’t have otherwise talked or collaborated with, and after four tiresome (but very enjoyful) days on tour we set off again for the 570 km trip back home. During our trip home we were rewarded with the opportunity to play laser tag at the Old Maitland Gaol (with metal guns, real red dot sights and an intense and tactical playing field). It was great fun and surprisingly Mr Barry and Mr Herbert joined in too (although who would blame them). A final standout memory from the trip would be a band tradition “lollies for Rodney” which made us all laugh a lot and I’m pretty sure you can all guess what that meant!

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