In the September School Holidays, students from various years embarked on a fabulous trip to France.

By all accounts, staff and students had a wonderful time!

Sam Silcock of Year 9 gives his account below.

The Marist 2015 trip to France was a wonderful mix of history, adventures into a new language and culture, as well as having a new religious experience. The history component shed light on the woes and struggles of the young men from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England and many more, as they fought against other men in similar circumstances.

We also gained invaluable knowledge about the history of art at the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. We learnt a lot more about the French language whether it be ordering some food on the Champs-Élysées or talking to the Marist Brothers at the Hermitage. New cultural experiences were had when trying out snails in Reims or eating a baguette in Lyon.

This journey around France took us over thousands of kilometres all the way up to Ypres in Belgium, down to Lyon and then back up to Paris. This trip was amazing and opened our eyes into a new culture and new experiences.
We had a wonderful religious experience having the Eucharist from a Mexican priest in the church at the Hermitage and then having another mass conducted in French.

We need to thank the amazing teachers that came along and tamed the unruly bunch of Marist students, David the tour guide, all the other tour guides and our amazing bus drivers.

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