On November 6th, the Inaugural Marist College North Shore Science Fair was held: A display of fascinating scientific ideas and activities done by students for students. Held in the La Valla Foyer and La Valla Conference Room, it was an engaging and entertaining event for all involved. In the La Valla Foyer, there were many activities related to, and displays of, scientific concepts relating to light, forces, the Solar System. These included making smartphone holograms, sticky tape art (with some help from polarised light), nail polish rainbows, and even one of the weirdest paper planes you may yet see – the Tube. These were presented by a group of students who, though they had not completed projects for the Science Fair, had still demonstrated an interest in the Science Fair and had participated in related activities throughout the year.

The stars of the show, however, were far and away those boys who had prepared projects for the Science Fair. Michael Gribben, who investigated how electrical stimulation affected E Coli, had done a great deal of work to prepare and carry out his investigation, including overcoming a few experimental mistakes. Frederick Krisman, also overcoming mistakes, investigated whether microbes could act as ice nucleators, and therefore be a key component of cloud formation.

Regular readers of High Notes, the School Newsletter, will already be familiar with Jack Davenport, Zachary Mitchell-Knight, and Sam Silcock, who had featured last term after entering their project – Project Boomerang – into the Young Scientist Awards. They, having refined their project on the spaceplane design, also participated in the Science Fair.

Michael, Frederick, Jack, Zach and Sam had a willing audience in the form of Year 5 and 6 students from St Mary’s Primary School, as well as the opportunity to present to other members of the College and staff. At the end of the day, Frederick, with his stellar report, won first place in the Science Fair. Michael Gribben’s thoroughness earned him a well-deserved second, and Sam, Zach, and Jack landed in third. All of these young men are to be congratulated on their work in completing their projects and presenting their reports. The quality of their work prompted Ms Vicky Drivilas, one of the judges, to remark that they were amongst the best she had seen in her entire teaching career.

Liam Wells

Science Teacher and Science Club Coordinator

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