On the 2nd of December year 10 English embarked on a new initiative, one never done before. We engaged in Project Based Learning around the area of domestic violence. This is in conjunction with a week of activities based around respect for women and self. The students began with learning to dance and then finished this with a dance with the ladies of St Benedict’s College. They then had a question and answer forum where their views were shared in an environment that is open and mutually respectful.

The students then engaged in a series of talks and workshops around making responsible choices. This was then finalised with the exhibition of the projects that they have been working on for the last 4 weeks.

The students were asked to create a project around the responsibility for raising awareness of domestic violence. Explicit teaching took place in the first two weeks and then the students formed groups and devised a project. This was then presented to the class and they received feedback and encouragement.

All of this culminated in the actual exhibition that took place on Tuesday the 2nd of December. Students displayed their works and peer assessed each other. There were a range of projects stemming from artworks, claymation, legomation, imovies, lego worlds, photos and posters.

I would like to thank the English teachers who wholeheartedly adopted this new initiative and went out on a limb. I also need to congratulate the students who for the most part created some fantastic and thought provoking projects.

Janette Durand – Leader of Learning – English