Multicultural week attracted much excitement and enthusiasm this year. The College community showed resounding support of the weeks activities, particularly the Multicultural Assembly and Lunch. The Assembly was fortunate to have a member of our Marist community, Paul Fenech (father of Giani Fenech) to speak about the diversity he has faced growing up as a Maltese-Australian and how he embraced his culture to enrich and propel his career using these cultural ties and reminding everyone to not only embrace their cultural background but to use it to their advantage. We are immensely grateful of Mr Fenech’s generosity in giving his time to enlighten the students and staff through his multicultural journey.

As for many years now we later celebrated with our Multicultural Lunch. The festivities continued through food stalls from Asia all the way to the Americas and back down under, accompanied by displays and music showing the supportive family spirit within the college community. The boys and their parents went to exceptional effort to provide a wide array of food which raised a total of $3075 with all proceeds being donated to MAPS (Marist Asia Pacific Solidarity).

A special thank you to Ms Kathleen McGrath, Ms Milena Vuckovic and all the boys in the Multicultural Committee for organising such a memorable week for the College.


Justin Moon 12/Salta 1

Multicultural Committee