The third annual French Festival was a resounding success!

On Friday of Week 3, all of Year 8 were immersed in several language and cultural sessions including learning how to make authentic crêpes, attending a French cinéma, competing in an online vocabulary competition, taking part in a French “photobooth”, creating Revolutionary craft rosettes and a session with storyjumper creating their own French storybooks. Unfortunately due to the weather we were unable to hold our sessions of playing a game of France’s national sport (le foot) and painting in natural settings like the Impressionists en plein air (we will do this later in the year) however our soccer documentaries on popular French soccer players and the history of soccer in France as well as the painting session focussing on Impressionists in the art rooms were still very popular! By popular demand, croissant and pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) were sold at the cantine for all staff and students to enjoy. Year 8 are to be commended on their enthusiastic participation in the French Festival.

Merci beaucoup les garçons!

From the feedback we have received, it is clear that they enjoyed the opportunity to engage in the world of French language and culture outside the traditional classroom. Below are some of their comments (in their own words):

  • Timo Bruggeman: I found the events very interesting as they were things we didn’t do in an average school day especially the movie of Ratatouille, the Crepe making and the history of french soccer.
  • Ruari Foley-Jones: I thoroughly enjoyed the French festival and all the activities associated with it. In every activity my myelin and vocab was expanding and I enjoyed each activity. My favourite subject was the EP challenge as I was competing against fellow classmates.
  • Ethan Leffers: Overall, the French Festival was a enjoyable day with different activities. The activities were filled with all sorts of French culture and was a great experience.
  • Alister King: It was very engaging and I learnt a lot of new things
  • Joshua Kim: My experience of the French Festival, is that I really enjoyed what activities were implemented for the day as most of the activities I enjoy generally. I especially liked the crepe cooking as it gave us a chance to create one of the most popular dishes in French culture.
  • Patrick O’Dwyer: I thought the french festival was fun and creative. The teachers were really enthusiastic about the day, which made it more enjoyable for me.
  • Harry O’Brien: It was a great experience about getting to experience French culture and activities. From cooking to story writing, we experienced as much of French culture as we could in a day.
  • Hugh McLeod: The French festival was really fun but also challenging. I learnt a lot more about French culture and tested my language skills in certain activities. The day altogether was very cool and interesting.

Katie Lynch

French Teacher