Writing has never been so challenging! Instead of just hearing about plot lines and dialogue, the Write a Book in a Day initiative is an opportunity to integrate new writing skills into practice and be part of a competition with a difference. These are the challenges; work with a team, a 12-hour deadline, be a writer, illustrator and editor and use a set of parameters sent out on the day. These parameters include two human characters, a non-human character, a setting for your story, and an issue which forms the basis of the plot. The final requirement is to include compulsory random words throughout the story such as; ‘delicious’ and ‘hums’ coupled with a defined word count (4000 to 5000). These are just the restrictions placed on the day! Now add the variables: 28 energetic boys from Year 7 to Year 9, collaborative learning, chocolate muffins and pizza and you have Write a Book in a Day!

On Tuesday 26th July the Academic Resource Centre was transformed into a writing hub with story graphs, illustrations and editing being discussed with enthusiasm and by 8pm the pressure was on as three stories were uploaded and ‘click’ went the submit button. This was a great opportunity for our students and we would like to share these stories with you. Starting with this week’s High Notes and continuing over the next few weeks we will invite you to start reading these unique stories and find out how these students resolved the problems in which their group was designated. We will begin with the story entitled ‘The Sound of Silence’ and explore how ‘The Lizard Squad’ created a story which included a delivery driver, orchestra member, a witch, a service station and getting fit.

Finally this opportunity enabled our school to contribute to a worthy cause. Essentially the competition was created to raise funds for children’s cancer research, through The Kids’ Cancer Project who support medical researchers around Australia in their search for a cure for childhood cancer.

Read the stories here:

Sound of Silence


Blazing Life

Tracey Dunne

Academic Resource Leader

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