On Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd August the Year 8 students were provided the opportunity to experience an in depth workshop based on a Project Based Learning model which reflected on what occurs in a Year 9 and Year 10 Creative and Performing Arts classroom. The Year 8 students embraced the workshop days with incredible enthusiasm and displayed considerable creative initiative and flair.

The aim of the two day workshop was to develop the student’s idea development, creative decision making, participate in a collaborative learning environment and to experience project based learning. These experiences were designed to inform the students their preferred learning style and to engage their creative potential.

The following workshops offered:

* Drama with Mr Nicholas O’Regan

* Music Composition and Performance with Mr Rod Herbert

* Printmaking Workshop with Ms Gabi Nicholson

* Clay Modeling with Ms Kathleen McGrath

* Mural Painting with Ms Carolyn O’Brien

* Photography and Editing Skills with Mr Tony McDonnell

Ms Adriana Bakija captured the day with many photographs and each image tells a story of engagement and the creative process. Ms Sally Kim provided her artistic assistance with the workshops and was valuable support in the creative process. The finished photographs, murals, clay sculptures, lino prints, compositions and dramatic performances will be showcased during Cultural Week in Week 7 this term.

I would like to personally thank the Year 8 students for their interest and enthusiasm displayed over the two days, the teaching staff and the College Leadership Team for supporting the days and most of all the Creative and Performing Arts teachers for offering their time, energy and skills to enhance the learning of the students.


Carolyn O’Brien

Director of Teaching and Learning: Contemporary Curriculum and Diversity

Creative and Performing Arts leader of Learning

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