On Thursday 16 March seven MCC schools travelled to Willoughby Squash Centre to compete in the 2017 MCC Squash Competition.  It is only the second year of the single day “round robin” event where the team with the highest total points scored on the day is declared victor.  Each game was won on a first to 40 points or total points after 12 minutes basis.

The Marist North Shore team continued its success in Squash, winning every game played and every player achieved the maximum 40 points in all individual games.  So out of a total maximum possible score of 1880 points, Marist scored 1880 points!

Many members of the team have become regular Squash players representing the sport up to the national level.  Their passion for the sport is very pleasing to see.

Every team member should be proud of what they have contributed to the strong tradition of Squash at the College.  Nothing more could have been asked of the boys on the day – they had a very positive attitude, a great sense of comradery and exceptional sportsmanship.

Marist North Shore has now won 17 of the last 18 seasons of MCC Squash.

Marist North Shore – 2017 MCC Squash Champions