On Wednesday 22 February our Year 10 Students participated in their annual Reflection Day. Reflection Days are an important part of our school calendar where our students get to examine their lives, their relationships with each other and also their relationship with God. The day was facilitated by Mr Chris Doyle and was filled with singing, music and fun activities. The boys were challenged to think about what it means to live a ‘good life’.

Some students commented that:

The bond of the year group strengthened and I was pleased with the way that Chris connected with the year and brought us closer together through the power of music. The fact that no one got judged for what they did that day was the force behind the strengthening of the year.

“I found that Chris was a great influence on the year with his honest and no nonsense attitude. He really told it as it was and that really resonated with the boys.”

I was most impressed with how the Year 10 group engaged throughout the day. Many are demonstrating great maturity and leadership qualities which will hold them in good stead as they enter their senior years at the College.

Mr Anthony Munro
Director of Faith Formation.