On February 13, Year 7 went to the great Aussie bush camp in Kincumber. When we arrived we were warmly greeted by one of the instructors and shown around the campus.

I first took part in raft building where students had to use good communication skills to help each other build a floating raft. Next was power fan,

Many students had no hesitation jumping and that showed great courage and excitement, but some students weren’t as convinced about jumping off a 12 metre high ledge. Big congratulations to the students who conquered their fears and jumped off the power fan.

Year 7 then proceeded to enjoy dinner and continued to do more activities at night. We all joined in a series of night games including bull rush and a spin on Simon Says called “Buddy Up”. After these activities, we enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies. On day two we started with Lost Island, a mud course inspired by the army. Students dove straight into the mud and had fun experiencing what it would be like to be a soldier for an hour. Running through obstacles “trying” not to get muddy. In archery, boys showed great skill, even though they had never held a bow before. Everyone had a great time at the range.

Students then proceeded to do the high ropes course facing a series of challenging obstacles, helping one another across. Next, students arrived at the rock climbing course. Our last night activity was Commando. A scenario where our teachers and peer support leaders had taken some of our fellow students hostage. Although Year 7 gave it a great go they could only grab one hostage. Commendations to Mr. McDonnell who managed to spot many students when they got close to the hostage base.

On the last day, we experienced the giant swing. Many students had doubts about the giant swing but students overcame their fears and enjoyed hanging at an astonishing seventeen metre high. The final activity was abseiling. Students seemed to have done this before as many flew down the wall. Others didn’t think that going backwards was very inviting but still gave it a go, had lots of fun and did a great job.

Students really enjoyed their time at The Great Aussie Bush Camp. Many thanks to our organisers, teachers, peer support leaders and parents.

Joe V – Year 7 MK6

February 13 was a life changing day for me. I was about to go on my very first camp! I was so excited, and severely nervous.

As we boarded the bus and set course to Kincumber, all I could think about was what would happen while I was there. When we reached Kincumber we drove into a big bush reserve. It seemed like civilisation had met nature and made one nice, neat camp. As the buses left us, we soon got into business and were grouped off into cabins. My cabin had five boys from my house, Montagne, and five boys from another house. It was quite interesting meeting all the boys that would stay in my cabin. I knew practically no one there but soon we all settled in. That’s the thing about making new friends. It’s a great moment that really requires bravery to start up a conversation.

Then came our activities which would test our nerves, our bravery and our will to have fun. Rock climbing was our first activity. We had to climb 12 metres up in the air which was pretty high, but we all made it in the end. We also did raft building. We all collaborated to build a pretty decent raft, (though we only came second.) Then there was the power fan which required us to jump down a whole 15 metres!! That was so scary!! There was also abseiling which was really fun but a long way down. The commando course (or other known as mud world) was a heap of excitement, and a heap of mud. Then came the giant swing, which was the scariest for me. You were suspended 17 metres in the air with two other victims. Terrifying!!! The high ropes course was personally one of my favourites. A mixture of obstacles, flying foxes and challenges all while you’re up 8 metres in the air. Finally was our archery course, which really showed that I am definitely no Robin Hood.

Overall it was kind of sad to leave Kincumber. After having so much fun I sort of wanted to stay another day or two, but we all had to jump on the bus and drive back home. These three days really were special to me and it really gave me a boost in my confidence with heights and fears. Also it was great to meet some new students. I really wish all the next Year 7’s good luck in their camp and treasure it as it is a memory to last a lifetime.

Tai V – Year 7/MT5