Year 7 Enrolment

All documents must be POSTED or HAND DELIVERED to the school office by Friday 5 April 2019. Any documentation that is missing will lead to a delay in your child’s application.

Once all documentation and fees are received, we will contact you to arrange an Enrolment Interview. Interviews are usually held in May on an Enrolment Interview Day. At this day, the Principal or another senior member of staff will interview Parents and their child.  

At the conclusion of interviews, all applications are reviewed. The criteria outlined in the College’s Enrolment Policy are used to determine which students are offered confirmed places and which students are placed on the official waiting list. Parents are notified within three months of the official Enrolment Interview Day.

Prior to your child starting at Marist Catholic College North Shore in Year 7, there are several key events that are all held to facilitate a smooth transition into Marist Catholic College North Shore:

  • Information Evening for Parents and Students
  • Uniform Fitting Day
  • Orientation Day at the College (Students only)

These events are conducted in Term 4 prior to your child commencing at Marist Catholic College North Shore.

Enrolment Forms 

Expression of Interest