The challenge to develop spirituality has emerged as one of the key priorities of contemporary Australian Catholic schools. At Marist College North Shore, it is also our mission to provide our students with the most authentic and holistic understanding of what it is to be Catholic. We value and draw on our rich Catholic tradition. 

Through nurturing and encouraging the faith of our students, we strive to enliven their experience of God through witness and practice. 

The school community is often the only environment where their faith and spirituality can be cared for, witnessed to, and nurtured. This is a challenging and demanding undertaking for all those involved in fostering young boys and girls in the educational process.

Every initiative, program and educational endeavour offers to provide an atmosphere where our students have the opportunity to hear, see and come to know something of the ‘Good News’ offered through our Catholic tradition, living and ever present in our College community. The Faith Formation program, encompassing religious education classes, prayer, liturgy, reflection days, ministry, service and retreats, attempts to provide students with opportunities to engage in a process that allows for them to discover, question and experience this Good News through programs attending specifically to their level of physical and emotional development. 


The Five Values of the Marist Charism

  • Presence – To have the presence to stand in solidarity and community with other people, to always treasure the people around us and give us the strength to live out Jesus’ example of true presence with others.
  • Simplicity – To always remember what is important and to learn to value what is truly central in life.
  • Family Spirit – Our Marist family extends across seventy-nine countries but not all of our Brothers and Sisters are given the same opportunities that we are. We must endeavour to give voice to those Brothers and Sisters who cannot be heard and try to become the Lord’s hands and feet on earth so that all members of our family are treated with respect and dignity.
  • A Love of Our Work – Whatever one is called to do, may each boy realise the value of living lives of integrity and compassion and always seek to do the Lord’s work. It is important to value the opportunities that are given and maintain faith in the work when difficult times arise.
  • In the Way of Mary – Mary, the Mother of God, is our model of faith as each student comes to know their own faith as they journey through their secondary education and beyond…in the Marist tradition.