Marist College North Shore has a vibrant Parents and Friends Association, whose role is to both fundraise to assist in financing various school projects; and to bring the extended school community together through various events and connections.

Every year, the P&F are responsible for organising and running the following functions:

  • P&F Welcome Function at the start of the year – usually mid-February;
  • BBQ, Cake Stall, and Coffee shop at the Expo (open day) in March;
  • Trivia Night in June;
  • Fathers’ Day Breakfast in September; and
  • P&F Christmas Function in Nov/December.

The P&F are committed to ensuring that all parents who wish to do so, have the ability to communicate easily with other parents within their son’s Year Group regarding pastoral care, class projects, car pooling and social interaction. Every year, Year Group contacts lists are collated, and distributed by the House Parent Co-ordinator to the House Parent for each Year/House Group. (The House Parent will then distribute information to their own Year/House Group, and assist in maintaining an up to date list).

P&F Meetings are held quarterly, and all parents, as members of the MCNS P&F Association (assuming the P&F Levy has been paid) are invited to participate in any meeting.  It is a great opportunity to meet other parents, and to speak with the College Principal, and hear any College news / strategies first hand. Smaller committee meetings are held only on an as-needs basis for event organisation.  The P&F consults regularly with the College Principal to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals!

In recent years, the P&F fundraising efforts have contributed to projects such as:

  • Renovation and relocation of the uniform shop
  • New LED Lighting and upgraded acoustic ceilings in classrooms
  • Creation of specialised Archive Room
  • Data cabling upgrade
  • Music area storage room
  • Acoustic ceiling panels in gym, art rooms, design & tech Rm 3, music tutor rooms, dry lab
  • Total Renovation of four classrooms and an office on L2 of the Walter Moore Building

The P&F is always looking for additional committee members who can help with the few events we manage each year. We invite you to join us, and to enjoy the extra connections within the school community.

Positions in the Committee are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • House Parent Co-ordinator
  • General Committee Member