The Chess Club at the College is a thriving community where every Monday, Wednesday and Friday students come together to hone their skills and strategy. Under the regular tuition from the Sydney Chess Academy, students are able to gain competition time in the Metropolitan Secondary Schools Chess Competition conducted by the NSW Junior Chess League. In addition to this, every year in Term 3 the College hosts its own College Chess Tournament, which attracts over 100 students who participate in a full day of competition.

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Debating and Public Speaking

To be able to speak confidently and effectively in public is a skill that many people use throughout life. For this reason it is viewed as a very valuable activity for the boys at Marist North Shore. There are three major annual competitions in which students are involved, and many other opportunities for individuals to develop and practice their public speaking skills.

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Army Cadets

The Australian Army Cadets is a training and development organisation for Australian youth. Its purpose is to provide a unique opportunity to experience aspects of life within the Australian Defence Force by participating in activities undertaken within a military framework and to provide progressive, interesting and challenging training and experiences intended to encourage the development of positive personal and team characteristics.

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