Every student belongs to one of the College’s six Houses:

Chanel House

The House is named in honour of St. Peter Chanel, one of the earliest Marists and the first Marist Saint. He was a missionary to the Pacific and was martyred on the Island of Fortuna. This choice represents our connection to the wider Marist Family and Marist World. It also represents our mission as a Christian community to spread the good news and serve others. St Peter’s outstanding qualities of faith and courage should be an inspiration to us all.

Colour: Red
Coordinator: Ms Kathleen McGrath

Kelly House

This House is named in honour of Fr. Michael Kelly SJ, the Parish Priest of North Sydney who provided the original inspiration for the establishment of the College by persistently inviting the Brothers to commence a school in the Parish.  This choice represents our close connection to the Parish of North Sydney and its Jesuit influence. Fr. Kelly’s outstanding qualities of vision and passion for education should be inspirations to us all.

Colour: Green 
Coordinator: Mr Jeffrey Davidson


MacKillop House

This House is named in honour of St Mary of the Cross Mackillop who spent her later years in North Sydney and is Australia’s first saint. By naming one of our houses Mackillop it introduces a strong female patron to our list. St Mary was a woman of compassion, commitment and courage, her faith in God was unwavering. Her motto was to “never see a need without doing something about it”, this ties in with the College’s value of others-centredness. St Mary MacKillop through her qualities of hard work, tolerance, persistence, courage and faith should be an inspiration to us all.

Colour: Orange
Coordinator: Mrs Milena Vuckovic



Montagne House

This house is named after Jean Baptiste Montagne and his encounter with St Marcellin Champagnat. In October 1816 St. Marcellin, the founder of the Marist Brothers, was called to the bedside of Jean Baptiste Montagne, who at the age of 17 was about to die without ever having heard much about God. In the eyes of this adolescent, he saw the calls for help of thousands of other young people, who, like him, were victims of tragic human and spiritual poverty. As a result of this event Marcellin went on 4 months later to begin forming the Marist Brothers. Jean Baptiste Montange represents our connection to the Marist world. It is through this encounter that St Marcellin demonstrated his willingness to live out his faith through action, and this is an inspiration to us all.

Colour: Purple
Coordinator: Mr Matthew Fitzgerald


Moore House

This House is named in honour of the College’s first Headmaster, Br. Walter Moore FMS, who had the responsibility of establishing a new school and beginning the proud tradition of Marist Education north of the Harbour. This choice represents our earliest origins and highlights the continuing development of the College and our proud heritage. Br. Walter’s outstanding qualities of determination and persistence in overcoming challenges and difficulties should be an inspiration to us all.

Colour: Blue
Coordinator: Mr Tony McDonnell


Salta House

This House is named in honour of Br. Peter Salta FMS, ex-student and staff member of the College. Br Peter attended the school as a boy and then returned as a staff member in 1967. He is the longest serving member of staff, finishing teaching duties in 1999 and maintaining until today an involvement as tutor and assistant in the office. This choice represents the incredible contributions made by students and staff to the College throughout its history. Br Peter’s outstanding qualities of loyalty and commitment to learning should be an inspiration to us all.

Colour: Gold
Coordinator: Mr Daniel Brown



  • 2019 Captain: Joshua Willathgamuwa
  • 2019 Vice-Captain: Tom James
  • 2019 Portfolio Captains: Will Gallen (Faith & Solidarity), Sean Auer (Academic), Jonathan Amirzaian (Culture & Arts), Lachlan Don (Sport).
  • 2019 House Captains: Sean Netting (Chanel), Kyle Devine (Kelly), Timothy Pettigrew (MacKillop), Guiliano Parisi (Montagne), Nicholas Pagano (Moore), Chad Rogers (Salta)


House Cup


The House Cup is an annual College event that runs throughout the year, every year. Every student has the opportunity to earn points for their House. Students don’t have to be the best at something to contribute. Students can simply earn points through academic, cultural, sporting and public service efforts. House Cup is about participating, being present and supporting your fellow students in the spirit of competition!


House Cup Winners