The core foundation of our Marist school is to build positive relationships where students feel a sense of comfort.

When issues arise they are dealt with the notion of restorative practices to ensure that relationships are mended and students can work together within the community.

The dignity of every member of the Marist community is respected. We share Marcellin’s intuition that “to bring up children properly, we must love them, and love them all equally”. From this principle flows the particular characteristics of our style of educating: presence, simplicity, family spirit, love of work, and following the way of Mary. We seek to adopt these attitudes and values as our way of acculturating the Gospel. It is their sum and their interaction which gives our Marist style its spirit-inspired originality.


House Coordinators & Tutors

Our House Coordinators and Tutors are points of contact for each student to voice their concerns or seek help regarding anything that may be troubling them across all aspects of their schooling. For parents, your child’s House Coordinator is your first point of contact at the College should you wish to discuss any matters of concern or inform the College of information that would enable us to better care for your son.


Vertical Tutor Groups

At Marist College North Shore we have in place vertical tutor groups, which are comprised of a selection of boys across Years 7 – 12 placed in one tutor group, interacting on a daily basis during morning administration. This creates and fosters positive relationships between the junior and senior students. Each Tutor Group also has a Year 11 Peer Support Leader who mentors our new Year 7 students in the beginning stages of their entry into secondary education.


Counselling services

The College has two qualified psychologists that students are free to see during school hours. Located in the Andrew Power Centre, our counselling services provides help to students who feel that they may be struggling with aspects of their schooling or personal lives or just need added support; no matter is too small. Students are free to approach our Counsellors directly at the Andrew Power Centre or they can see their House Coordinators to assist them accessing this service.

Our Counsellors on staff are:

  • Mr Nathan Collis
  • Br Michael Hill, fms 

Please contact the College on 02 9957 5000 for further information.