Sport plays an important role at Marist College North Shore. All students undertake either school or competitive sport each Thursday afternoon.

All Students have the option of participating in a variety of school team sports or activities or have an opportunity to trial for selection in a competitive sport to compete against other Metropolitan Catholic Colleges (MCC).

Students from Year 7 play team ball games such as Oz tag, soccer, cricket, baseball and European Handball.  Students from Years 8 to 11 have a free choice of sports and activities from the following: PCYC which is gym activities, indoor rock climbing, ice skating, squash/table tennis, Multi-Sport which is a weekly rotation of team ball sport games, tennis, Boxercise, 10 Pin Bowling, Flip-Out and beach games at Balmoral in the summer. The priority in these choices goes to the senior students and some activities may not run depending on availability and on interest.

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Metropolitan Catholic Colleges Competition

The MCC was founded in 1922. Marist College North Shore has the opportunity to compete against other Catholic schools in Ashfield, Bankstown, Pagewood, Ryde, Lewisham, Kogarah, and Randwick. Students are selected on merit to represent the College.

The MCC competition has access to some high quality representative sport at state and national levels. Students are either selected by trials or based on sporting achievements for MCC representative teams. The MCC representative teams then participate in the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) Competition.

The MCC summer sports take place in Terms 1 and 4 each year and the sports include: cricket, basketball, touch and tennis. One-day competitions/carnivals are held in swimming, squash, golf and cross-country. Students who commence in Year 7 are not eligible to represent the College in Term 1 often because that competition commenced in Term 4 of the previous year.

The MCC winter sports take place in Term 2 and the first weeks of Term 3 and these are soccer and rugby league. One-day winter competitions include volleyball and the MCC athletics carnival, which takes place in Term 3.

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