Marist College North Shore is at present a comprehensive boys school, in 2021 Marist Catholic College will incorporate co-educational research into pedagogical practice.

At the heart of the College is the desire to help students achieve their full potential not only at school but also beyond.

The Marist Graduate – independent, faith-filled and ready to make a difference.

There is a continued focus on improving learning outcomes by addressing how boys and girls learn best – fostering good relationships between teachers and students and providing opportunities for authentic “hands on” learning experiences for a diverse range of learning needs.

Our College provides an inclusive yet competitive learning environment rich in family spirit reflecting the Charism of St. Marcellin Champagnat. We promote ongoing collaboration amongst staff and students in order to engage students in their learning. Students are given the opportunity to excel in leadership through peer support, peer mentoring and within the vertical tutor structure of the College. Parents also play a valuable part in our school partnership voicing their ideas on students and their learning and fostering a learning environment at home.

Our school provides male and female role models through our teaching and non-teaching staff and parent group to help show students how to behave with respect and dignity. The students are shown what it means to be a good citizen within everyday situations and through ongoing conversations within the community.