At Marist College North Shore we provide an individualised service to each student who is looking to gather information and pursue study options that will lead them towards gaining a head start in achieving their chosen qualification and future career.

Our Careers Room located in the centre of the campus has an open-door policy. Students have access to a comprehensive resource library for career, tertiary and private institution information.  As part of the HSC pattern of study students are able to study units outside the College in the Vocational Educational field.

Each year we host a vibrant Year 10 Work Experience program that allows students to get a taste of working life and gain insight into a career that interests them. In addition to this throughout the year, Year 10 students participate in structured Career lessons. This ensures our students are better enabled to make senior subject selections and choose a path that’s right for them.

YEAR 10 – Career Assessments (Psychometric and personality)

  • Timetabled careers lessons (1 per cycle) – post school pathways etc
  • Optional work experience
  • Structured


  • Careers interviews
  • RSA and RCG Courses
  • Assistance with Pathways
  • Guest speaker program (Years 10-12)
  • Assistance with UAC applications and scholarships


  • Gain awareness of self attributes, interests and values
  • Knowledge of the workforce training and opportunities
  • Inspire confidence to develop and implement plans



eVET is External Vocational Education and Training.

While studying for your Higher School Certificate, consider getting a head-start on the road to your future career and pick up important life skills along the way. VET Courses are a great study option because they allow you to:

  • Complete NESA units that count towards your HSC
  • Gain practical skills that will make you job-ready
  • Experience an adult learning environment
  • Become more independent and confident
  • Start or complete a nationally recognised TAFE NSW qualification at the same time as you do your HSC
  • Prepare for further study and reduce study time post school
  • Choose from courses that are not offered at school
  • Meet other students who have the same interests and career aspirations as you
  • Meet teachers who are connected to industry and are experts in their field
  • Delivered at various TAFE campuses and SCCVC

Students who choose this option of study can have it count as 2 units towards their HSC studies whilst gaining a head start in their chosen industry. Students commonly walk away at the end of Year 12 with either a TAFE Certificate II or III. Marist College North Shore is able to provide access to a variety of courses at numerous TAFE campuses across the Sydney Metropolitan area or SCCVC Burwood.



SBAT is School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship.

School based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBATs) provide students with the opportunity to attain a nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification as well as their Higher School Certificate (HSC) while gaining valuable work skills and experience through paid employment.

This is a great opportunity for students who are looking to continue their secondary studies without delaying the commencement of their chosen apprenticeship or traineeship. Students can combined study, work and TAFE through a weekly cycle e.g. 1 day at TAFE, 1 day at work and 3 days at school. There are a variety of apprenticeships and traineeships available.

The outcome of this choice of study will see a student walk away at the end of their Year 12 with their first year of their apprenticeship/traineeship achieved and their HSC certificate completed.


External Education

At Marist College North Shore, we are also able to facilitate further education for students through external course at TAFE NSW. Please refer to the TAFE NSW website to browse the courses that are available.

The College also facilitates the opportunity for our students to certify themselves in preparation for part-time work and work experience by attending RSA, RCG and White Card day courses.